On campus


International students may choose to live with their parent(s) or a designated caregiver. To get the most out of experiencing life in New Zealand, you are encouraged to live with a local homestay family.


If you are under 18, it is mandatory that you reserve your accommodation through the International College. 

This option is available to students over 18 as well.

Homestay accommodation includes a room for you with a bed, desk, adequate heating and internet access. Meals include breakfast and dinner on weekdays, and three meals a day on weekends and public/school holidays.

Homestay Plus families accommodate no more than two international students of any one nationality in the home at a time. The bathroom will be for the students’ use (either private or shared with one other student). Please note the Homestay Plus is subject to availability.

Placement fee (one-off)*$350
Replacement fee (one-off)**$200
Standard Homestay – Non-central***$300/week
Standard Homestay – Central$330/week
Homestay Plus – Non-central***$ 330/week
Homestay Plus – Central$ 360/week

*If the International College coordinates student accommodation.
**Fee charged when student requests a change of homestay for reasons deemed unacceptable, or if student frequently changes homestays (fee charged at discretion of the Accommodation team).
***Non-central accommodation is within 40 minutes of the campus (including walking).

Designated caregiver (DCG) – Under 18 only NZD
Assessment fee$350
Reassessment fee (change DCG)$350
Reassessment fee (change living condition)$200
Under 18 accommodation guarantee and services fee+ NZD
Per year$1000
Per term$250

+Allows for homestays for students under 18 to be checked once per term to ensure the Education Code of Practice requirements are being met (a reduced fee may be payable by New Zealand citizens or permanent residents who are Under 18 and not living with a parent).

Holiday break^ NZD
Student stays with the host during the holiday break ($6/day)$30/week
Student does not stay with the host during the holiday break
(holding fee)

^Holiday break refers to any break that is more than 7 days (6 nights). Host families will provide lunches and cover additional utilities cost during the break and an extra $30 per week will be charged.

Airport pickupNZD
Airport transfer (Pickup/drop-off)(One way per person)$130
Transfer between terminals (Auckland Airport)$80
Transfer of additional passenger$90
Airport check-in assistance and transfer$200

University accommodation

Students over 18 can access University accommodation while studying the Foundation course, just like a degree level student. 

You will need to follow the process on the University website and apply in advance of the course start date. If you choose to live in University of Auckland accommodation, you will need to provide us with your room details during orientation.

Student apartments

Students over 18 may wish to live in private student apartment accommodation. 

Note this is the responsibility of the student/parent(s)/agent to arrange.