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Transition support

The University of Auckland offers a wide range of undergraduate courses for you to choose from for your packaged offer. Our Education Counsellor’s are available to offer their expertise if you want to learn more about your chosen undergraduate degree.

There will be regular opportunities for you to get a glimpse of University life through campus tours. You will also hear from staff, current students and alumni of the University so you get early insights into your faculty and degree options. You may even get a chance to take part in actual classes and visit faculty specific facilities such as the laboratories and design studios.

Towards the end of your Foundation course, there will be a transition session conducted by the International College and the University. The session will cover the next steps you should take to accept your degree offer and advice to stay on track with your progression plan to University.

Once you successfully complete your Foundation course, you will be awarded with a completion certificate from the University. You will get to celebrate your graduation alongside family and friends at the University, where the next part of your study awaits.
95% of Foundation students who qualify for the University, accept their offer of place from the University of Auckland.

Undergraduate degree